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Alcohol Destroyed My Relationship – Alcohol and Relationships

Alcohol can wreak havoc with our most important relationships.  So you have a serious drinking problem and alcohol has destroyed your relationship with your significant other, whether your spouse or your girlfriend/boyfriend and you are in an enormous amount of pain as a result. 

So what can you do? Chances are you promised time and time again that you would stop drinking and may have succeeded for a limited amount of time just return to alcohol after you couldn’t live without that drink for one more minute and picked up again at some point.

Or you may have become very skilled at hiding your drinking until eventually your significant other found out that you were still drinking alcohol and called it quits.  It is thought that women have a higher tolerance for putting up with drinking, whereas men have a shorter fuse with a woman who is an alcoholic and cannot stop drinking, and won’t last as long in the relationship.

If your relationship can be salvaged at all (and an addict’s least favorite word is no) logically first you would have to stop drinking – for the duration.  Anything less even if you get the relationship back on track won’t work. It will digress right back into the exact same situation it was before, where your drinking behavior will alienate your loved one once again.

When you take the steps necessary to reconcile with your loved one, there are still no guarantees since the possibility exists  that even if you do succeed in sobering up permanently, there is always a chance that he or she won’t believe you or considers the damage too extensive to get back into the relationship.  If you are lucky enough to get the reconciliation the cold, hard, facts would point to the only feasible option is you will have to stay sober and as we who are or have been utterly addicted to alcohol know, this can be done, but is not by any means an easy proposition.

Relationships can be restored in some cases, but unless you get sober and stay sober, you know better than anyone else what the chances are of things working out if you continue to or go back to drinking.