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You Can Stop Drinking Now

All the Help, Information, and Techniques You Need to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Alcohol Takes Down the Best in You

If you realize you are drinking too much, but feel that you won’t suffer the repercussions that others do (and a lot of us really believe this for a long time), there is only one way to find out the answer to that – keep drinking.

Alcohol takes down and destroys the best in you. Your best talents and capabilities.  It reduces your intellect, memory, and ability to make good decisions.  Even very strong, very disciplined people are not exempt.  Why?  Because it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how many good things you have achieved or how much common sense you possess.  The compulsion to drink has nothing to do with ability, talent, or logic.  It becomes an addiction, and that translates into a compulsion that sooner or later, with continued use, you will completely lose control over.

So if you are to the point where you are becoming increasingly concerned about your drinking try to stop now.  If you find you can’t, you have developed the addiction to alcohol and putting a stop to it will be significantly more difficult. In fact, putting a stop to your drinking may be the most difficult challenge you encounter in your lifetime.

So alcohol can take any of us down.  And the sad part is you have so much to offer and alcohol can take all of that away.  Alcohol is powerful and we underestimate that power. The vast majority of us, at least in the beginning, are sure we can handle it.  But if you drink long enough, you can find out this was never the case.

- Joel J.