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You Can Stop Drinking Now

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Alcoholism – The First Step to Stop Drinking

When alcohol is the main theme in your life, we all think periodically “I’ve got to stop doing this!” You are discouraged beyond belief, exhausted, things are falling apart, but you are still drinking every day. What would be the first step you would have to take to stop drinking?

You read articles that tell you to taper down or stop drinking a little at a time.  To set a schedule where you will have X amount of drinks a day.  Here in the real world anyone with a true addiction to alcohol knows that we don’t have a prayer with this approach – taper off?  Not a chance.  Particularly when one drink always leads to another and we have no control over it.

There aren’t a lot of options on the first step to quit drinking. Logically, you need to reach a point where you are in enough pain to finally seriously consider getting some kind of help to put alcohol in your past. Then take some kind of action to get that help.

It is very important not to over think making the effort to get well because most alcoholics are very smart people and will think about putting down that drink to the point where they will ultimately be able to rationalize reasons as to why it isn’t necessary after all.

So the best advice is to make the decision that you want to get better – now, take the next logical step, and give the situation as little thought as possible.  Take action and don’t think.

What action can I take?