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Can I Become an Alcoholic Just Drinking Beer or Wine?

Since many people feel that beer and wine are “lighter” forms of alcohol than liquor, there is some question as to whether you can become an alcoholic just drinking beer or wine.

The answer is yes, you can become an alcoholic even drinking  only beer or wine exclusively.  They are both alcohol and you can develop an alcohol addiction to any type of drink with an alcohol content, no matter how low the alcohol content happens to be.

Whether or not you have developed an alcohol addiction is likely most easily determined by making the effort to stop drinking the beer or wine or whatever you happen to be drinking regularly and see if you can succeed at stopping for say, six months.  Or short of that, try having one or two beers or glasses of wine (only) once or twice a week maximum for this period of time.

You will find out pretty quickly whether you are suffering from a compulsion to drink if you cannot pull this off.  First, you will have an overwhelming need to drink and will have that glass of beer or wine in your hand in no time.   If you can go for a month without drinking and then reward yourself with more drinking, that does not mean you haven’t developed an addiction.  Many alcoholics can go a month without drinking (it isn’t usually easy) then very shortly return to their previous drinking pattern.

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