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Can I Quit Drinking on My Own? Stop Drinking Alcohol on Your Own

So you are wondering if you can quit drinking alcohol on your own.  Almost every drinker alive will make this attempt many, many, times to stop drinking on their own, but very few alcoholics who make the attempt to stop on their own are able to do so successfully.  We are talking about the ability to stop drinking alcohol on our own with no outside help whatsoever.  The number of people who are true alcoholics and are able to do this are in a very small percentage group.

Making the attempt to stop drinking alcohol on your own is very easy to put to the test. Make the decision that you will not drink for 6 months. Not one drink. If you are able to complete this mission without one drink you either likely weren’t a true alcoholic to begin with (or are in the very early stages of alcoholism) or you are in the say 3 percentile of all alcoholics who are able to pull this off successfully. The actual percentage of people who can stop drinking on their own is an unknown, but if you know many alcoholics you will be aware that an alcoholic who can just put the drink down for good is a very rare thing.

One last word on the “Self Help Drinking Program”.  If after the six months you start drinking like you did prior to this experiment (it may take a few weeks to reach the point of your old drinking frequency and volume) and find at some point that you cannot quit drinking or you drink like you are making up for lost time, you are likely an alcoholic, and if you continue to drink you will be among the ranks of practicing alcoholics who unfortunately will be experiencing some if not all of the situations and lifestyle changes that alcohol has to offer.

It is a great thing when a person can just stop drinking and that’s the end of it.  But in the vast majority of cases alcoholism is a chronic condition that continually comes up in the life of the alcoholic.  Even if you have stopped drinking for good, if you pick up just one drink you are alway in jeopardy of going back to where you came from where alcohol is concerned.