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Help for Liver Damage from Alcohol Abuse – How Milk Thistle Helps Your Liver

Milk Thistle is a plant that has been put in a vitamin form that can help protect your liver from alcohol abuse damage and other toxins.  It is good advice for anyone with a drinking problem to take Milk Thistle on a regular basis.

When the Milk Thistle plant ripens, it then contains a group of three very effective compounds referred to as silymarin, which can function as a sort of liver detox:

Milk Thistle will help your liver in different ways:

First, Milk Thistle protects your body from free radicals since it is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants protect your body from the free radicals cause by toxins such as alcohol, drugs, stress, and environmental pollutants that cause damage to the cells of the body which can lead to heart disease and cancer not to mention liver damage and cirrhosis. When these toxins affect our cells, including the liver, this process is called oxidation. Milk Thistle protects the liver from oxidation which can be very harmful.

The silymarin in Milk Thistle not only helps to protect the liver from harmful toxins, it can also help those with Hepatitis B and C to improve to a degree by improving the liver function. 

When you are using alcohol excessively, Milk Thistle can help improve your liver function and help protect your liver, but over time with heavy drinking, your liver will take scarring from drinking, which can lead to cirrhosis regardless.

The liver is able to regenerate itself after it has been injured (if the injury has not reached the advanced stages) and the silymarin in Milk Thistle will stimulate the growth of healthy liver cells that replace the cells that have been damaged. 

So Milk Thistle, which is still relatively unknown, has some great qualities for liver protection and rejuvenation.