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How Much Drinking is too Much? Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

You will read article after article on alcoholism and alcohol abuse that will tell you how many drinks or pints you can have a day – how much drinking is normal and how much drinking is too much and would be considered problem drinking.

The reason that information could never be completely accurate is there is no “cookie cutter” amount every single person can drink a day, normal range or not. This alleged information about what is an acceptable amount of drinking generally does break it down by men and women, but each man and each woman is an individual with their own body chemistry and therefore the tolerance for alcohol will be lower for some than others. There is no set amount a man or woman can drink that fits these neatly described categories.

For example, in one case a woman discussed how she would come home from work and have approximately 3 to 4 glasses of wine a day. To some, that amount sounds like she may be taking it to far or to others may sound to like something that would be considered in the norm, but she did end up needing a liver transplant much to her shock and dismay.

One form of compass you can use to gauge if you are drinking too much alcohol is how it is affecting your life. If it’s affecting your life in an adverse way you may be developing a problem or you may have already developed one. Also, if you are feeling guilty about your drinking, a flag should go up because that is definitely a sign that you know that you are drinking too much.

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