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So You’ve Stopped Drinking alcohol – Now What? Is There Life After Alcohol?

Is There Life After Alcohol? When you stop drinking alcohol and alcohol been a big part of your life, there is going to be a big void, so you find yourself asking “now what?”

Drinking is time consuming.  Depending on how severe your drinking problem was, you may have spent every day and night drinking.  All of a sudden you stop.  Now what do you do?

Usually when you come off of a drinking career, you have left a trail of damage done to your life as a result of alcohol. You probably aren’t in the best of health, you may not have a job, your living situation may not be up to your standards, and your finances are probably in bad shape if not in total ruin.  Not to mention damaged relationships.

The first question from people addicted to alcohol who have stopped drinking is usually “Now what?”

The Answer:

As painful as it sounds, now you can start rebuilding your life. You may have compromised many of your own standards due to alcohol and your living situation, your social situation, your financial situation and your health situation need work. It can be difficult to get started as you may well be depressed from deleted serotonin levels in your brain, so sometimes it helps to compartmentalize each area of your life that needs to be addressed and just tackle one area at a time.  Break it down so you’re not so overwhelmed.

You may also be tired much of the time. The reason for the tiredness is since you stopped drinking, your body has literally put itself under construction to rebuild from the damage and much of your physical energy has been directed to the reconstruction.

When you first stop drinking you are not going to be mentally up to par right away. When you reach the point where you are mentally able, you can go out and get a job or start on the path to getting your finances into shape. You start focusing on rebuilding your health.  Chances are you have suffered some liver damage at the very least. As elementary as it sounds, simple things like eating well and getting the proper rest will do a world of good for a recovering alcoholic. Alcohol takes every vitamin out of your system every time you drink, so chances are you have vitamin and general nutritional deficiencies.

Then there are the damaged relationships.  It will take time to build the trust again. The significant people in your life may not come around right away, making  it important to protect yourself from a lot of rejection when you are in such a vulnerable state, so it’s a good idea on salvaging relationships to take it slowly.

In fact, when you are recovering from an alcohol addiction it is a good idea to take every issue you need to deal with slowly.  With a little patience, if you put in the effort you will succeed.


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    Hi Bruce –

    We hope things are going better now than they were a few months ago.

    If you send a note to, we’ll send you his book, no charge.

    It’s important that you remember that you are not alone!


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