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Ten Signs That You Are Probably An Alcoholic


You say to yourself “I can stop drinking anytime I want to” – but when was the last time you were actually able to stop?  If you are trying to decide for yourself, here are ten signs that indicate you are probably an alcoholic.  

The transition from heavy drinking to actual alcoholism happens with no fanfare. You don’t even know it happened. The signs that a person has graduated from something that resembles normal drinking to alcoholic status include: 

  •  You hide your drinking from others.
  •  Your life and schedule revolve around drinking.
  •  Once you start drinking you can’t stop.
  •  You drink at home because you can no longer drink in public due to behavioral incidents.
  •  People tell you what you did the night before and you don’t know what they’re talking about.
  •  Meeting your responsibilities is becoming more difficult due to alcohol interfering with your life.
  •  You never allow yourself to run out of alcohol.
  •  If you happen to run out of alcohol during a drinking session and you are unable to obtain more, it causes you anxiety and discomfort.
  • The people in your life are complaining about your drinking.
  • You have drinks before you go out drinking to get a head start.

There are other signs, but if you see yourself in even part of the list above, you may have developed an addiction.

The dead giveaway when you are truly addicted is you can’t live without the stuff. Without your knowledge or permission alcohol has taken first place in your life.   

In the end, the only person qualified to determine whether you are an alcoholic or not is you. 



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