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When You Have a Drinking Problem – How Alcohol Wears on Your Looks and Body

Male or female, when you have a drinking problem with alcohol it can ruin your looks at the same time it’s damaging your body internally.  Every time you pour a drink, you move a little closer to the physical damage alcohol can inflict on your body and mind.

Short term, heavy drinking can give you a bloated look. Your face and other parts of your body look bigger than they should in an unbecoming way.

Alcohol also dehydrates your body, giving your face lines and wrinkles way before your time. Kind of a “weathered” look. When you are drinking excessively, alcohol wipes the vitamins your body needs out of your system and chances are you aren’t eating anything that resembles a good diet.  This combination causes premature aging.  So if you drink enough, you can look ten years or so older than you are if it goes on long enough. 

Your teeth can be another casualty of drinking, particularly if you smoke.  Alcohol damages the teeth and gums, and aside from the yellowing of your teeth, can be a big contributor to periodontal disease which causes tooth loss.

In the later stages of drinking, alcohol can actually change the composition of your skin.  From malnutrition caused by a poor diet and too much drinking  your skin can appear gray or yellow with a dull luster.

Meanwhile, while alcohol is taking away your good looks, it is also working on destroying your vital organs. Your liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, and has even been proven to cause brain shrinkage (which is actually fairly common).

Many of us go with the idea that “this will never happen to me”, but when you drink continuously for a period of time, very few will escape the repercussions of these side effects of excessive drinking and/or alcohol abuse when incorporated as a part of our lifestyle. 

The human body is a miraculous thing, but the key to avoiding losing your good looks and avoiding serious health problems has always been everything in moderation.  Unfortunately those of us with a drinking problem are not known for our moderate ways.  There is nothing moderate about alcohol abuse and alcoholism when everyday drinking becomes a part of your life.